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About us

Welcome to CopyMaster. We offer all digital printing services, High Speed Copying, Vehicle Branding, Stickers, Printed wall murals and Signage.  CopyMaster is a one stop digital print shop .

CopyMaster was established in April 1995. It first started off as a copy shop with a retail outlet. The growing need for a one stop copy and print facility changed our focus, improving our production processes and forced us to look into the latest technology. We identified a need in the market at corporate companies to serve as an extension for their high volume printing. We service their urgent printing needs that overflow their printing capacity.

Today we boast with a wide range of  digital copiers, binding machines,  and a full range of finishing equipment. Our success is based on quality work, meeting customer deadlines and fully trained operators and staff. 
CopyMaster is no longer a copy shop, but has developed into a leading digital printing services company, offering a variety of additional value added services to customers.

CopyMaster has created a reputation for superior quality of product and service over twenty three years, and our approach still places more emphasis on quality than competitive pricing alone. This attitude, combined with the company's philosophy of under-promising and over delivering has played a significant role in its success. The management team has comprehensive experience. CopyMaster is a BEE compliant company, passionately believing in empowering employees on a constructive and sustainable basis. 

CopyMaster is an innovative digital printing business that creates value for customers. This is an enterprise that endeavours to further service delivery by providing a one-stop service to clients, continuously expanding with regards to the most recent technology and by adding Human Resource competence where necessary. Project Management to ensure on-time delivery of services including distribution. Graphic Design, Digital Printing, Wide format Printing and  Finishing.

Accountability & Responsibility 
Cooperation & Efficiency 
Competence & Professional      behaviour 
Empowerment of our employees   & Communities 
Quality and reliability

Our Service Commitment ensures that  CopyMaster  to become a forerunner in the field of professional business support, who is consistently anticipating customer's needs and delivers world-class products and services first to the market, by continuously setting high standards and quality assurance as well as service excellence.

To be the leading digital printing company in the markets that we serve.

To be recognized as one of the most significant digital printing services

To become a one-stop Business Support Centre.

To provide the most recent technology while constantly seeking for better and more innovative solutions. 
CopyMaster follows a stringent quality control system self designed for our specific work environment.
We undertake to treat as strictly confidential and not to divulge to any third party any information disclosed to us by the customer, its staff or contractors, and not to make use of such information without the customer's prior written consent.
The current Target Market consists of a very wide mix of clients, from the occasional low-end costumer to high-level regular costumers from all spheres of business, governmental and private enterprises.
CopyMaster has over many years been providing services to Siemens, Vista University, Unisa, Varsity College, numerous schools, government departments and small and medium business.